Posted on: June 15, 2010 11:36 am

A Tale of Two Ideas: Call up and Trade

I heard Jesse Crain made an appearance at Best Buy the other day and gave up 3 hits and an earned run.  If you are like me, this does not surprise you.  Peeking through the stat lines of our minor league clubs: would love to see Anthony Slama get a call, and see what he can do.  Can't be worse, could it?  I am adamant that we need to package a few prospects and get us a regular at 3B.  I also think we need that knock-out pitcher at the front of our rotation.  I saw an interesting idea while blindly surfing regarding our ability to get a certain Cliff Lee (sorry for not linking, as I seem to have misplaced the address).  It proposed a trade of Kevin Slowey, Wilson Ramos and (insert low-level prospect name) for Lee and David Aardsma.  If this trade was available, I would be all about it.  It will take quality to get quality.  I would miss Slowey, but we cannot miss the opportunity to get an Ace for the post-season.  Couple this with a offensively "league average" Third Baseman (see Wigginton, Ty; Gordon, Alex; etc) and our Twins are in it for the haul!  Here's hoping!  
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